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NCAA allows athletics to begin amid COVID

The National Collegiate Athletic Association's Division I Council has voted to allow student-athletes in all sports to participate in voluntary athletics activities beginning on June 1.

Continued Success: Online Modes of Student Support

Following COVID-19 announcements, many student affairs and academic support staff are quickly learning how to deliver and scale their services in a virtual manner. And now is an excellent time to rethink how students are educated outside the classroom in an online environment. How can we best reallocate our student affairs staff to roles that foster student success in online learning environments?

Here are seven actions we might consider in the coming weeks.

Coaching: a New Model for Academic and Career Achievement

Individualized training and coaching, is proven to create more competent learners and professionals. As more and more academic institutions move toward a model of personal and professional guidance that differs from mentorship and advising.

From a Client's Point of View

Jenna Martin, Parent

Selecting Dr. Frost as the added support for our daughter Emilee was the best thing we could have done during the era of COVID and beyond. She understands college policies, faculty expectations and student needs. We are thrilled with the outcome of her services and look forward to continuing this partnership to help Emilee toward continued success!

Lena Allen, Parent

E-College Knowledge was heaven sent! I recently had two high school seniors who wanted to attend college. I didn't know which direction to go or where to start. I contacted e-college knowledge & the rest is history! Dr. Frost educated, assisted and guided us every step of the way! She would even sit in on college meetings to make sure we all understood everything shared and answered all of our questions. In May, both of my sons graduated from high school, were accepted to private & public institutions with academic scholarships & will be attending college this fall. We are so grateful for e-college knowledge!

Ryan Litte, c/o '22

Dr. Frost relates to students in a way that most administrators and professionals just can't. She's caring, she's patient, she's consistent and she's encouraging. She also has expectations and keeps students true to themselves. I'm grateful for her support and wouldn't be excelling in college right now if it weren't for her expertise.

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