Overview of Services

Successful Test-Prep

Our test-prep services and grade improvement services are available to each of our clients. In preparing students for exams we work to meet their needs and provide the best test-taking strategy by maximizing their strengths.

Coaching and Consulting

Coaching is available to all clients interested in strengthening areas of improvement. Coaching offers 1:1 support and an individualized tool kit for each client toward progression. Coaching comes in many forms. Clients can request coaching for thesis, dissertation, projects, assignments or any skill set (time-management, organization, research development, study strategies, test-taking practices and writing improvement), andcareer related goals, among other needs.

Our consulting focus is mainly for institutions and curriculum in which we work with our partners to build better systems of learning and inclusive curriculum.

Specialized Instruction

We have over 10+ years of experience serving students with learning disabilities and differences. We are dedicated to creating student success plans and individualized approaches to learning and student development to ensure that each student receives the support they need, in the way they need it.

Other Available Services

Academic and career development require an investment of time, energy and money. Higher education is an ever-growing field of changes and demands on student time and capacity. The services offered via Elite College Knowledge are  holistic and progressive. By working with our dedicated team of professionals you develop an added layer of support, an edge and an opportunity to not just get to college or the next level of your career, but to successfully complete your degree/goals and prioritize your wellness while doing so.

Other Services

  • Self-advocacy

  • Transition support

  • Navigating campus resources

  • Course organization

  • Major exploration